ESR11 – Melissa van de L’Isle (EDI)

Background: Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry

Profile: Melissa van de L’Isle has obtained her Bachelor Chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Utrecht, the Netherlands. Subsequently, she received her Master degree in Chemical Biology from Leiden University, the Netherlands. The master thesis was carried out in the BIOSYN research group and focussed on the synthesis of non-covalent inhibitors for glucosylceramide synthase. In addition, she did an Erasmus internship, concerning the synthesis of 3’-C-ethynyl adenosine analogues, at the Medicinal Chemistry research group of Ghent University, Belgium. She then worked as technical assistant/ laboratory technician at the Lead Discovery Center Dortmund, Germany. In February she joined the BOOM Chemistry research group of Prof. Asier Unciti-Broceta, at the University of Edinburgh as Marie Curie PhD fellow

ETN Topic: Pd in vivo implants and Pd-activatable tools