Beneficiary 9: BGX

Biogelx Limited (BGX)

Scientist in Charge: Laura Goldie

Biogelx Ltd is a biomaterials company that develops and supplies tuneable, cell-matched hydrogels. These allow cell biologists to control and manipulate cell behaviour in laboratory-based, cell culture applications. Biogelx operate in the life sciences sector, specifically, cell-based technology markets. The Company is currently most active in the 3D cell culture market, where biologists are seeking new technologies to improve the growth environment of their cells in the laboratory.

The Company offers a research-grade product to this customer base. Additionally, the Company is increasingly active in the cell-based assays market, where the pharmaceutical industry dominates. This industry has identified the need to incorporate innovative cell culture technologies to improve laboratory-based drug screening, with the incentive to greatly improve the efficiency of drug development pipeline. Biogelx is also undertaking R&D associated with designing peptide hydrogels suitable for cell and drug delivery in vivo. This is relevant to the regenerative medicine and cell therapy markets.