1. Introducing the THERACAT Network & How to plan and start a PhD

Hosted by TUE (March 25-29th, 2019) – Coincides with Network Meeting 1

  • General introduction of the network and its scientific goals
  • Introduction of the training programme
  • Skills to start a successful PhD: time management, team work, ethics, intercultural, gender and diversity awareness
  • Scientific communication: writing papers, the peer-review process, open science, oral and poster presentations
  • ESR Meeting 1

More information about the Training Event 1  here.

2. Chemical synthesis & catalysis

Hosted by BAS (September 23-27th, 2019) 

  • Catalysts and catalysis: from the synthetic utilization to artificial enzymes
  • Prodrugs: design principles, synthesis and preliminary evaluation
  • Safety in chemical laboratories and research in industry and academia
  • How can we do better in bringing new molecules to the market: scaling up, formulations, regulations, procedures and economical aspects
  • Entrepreneurship and translation: IP and commercial exploitation

More information about the Training Event 2  here.

3. Drug delivery & microscopy

Hosted by EDI (February 3-7th, 2020) – Coincides with Network Meeting 2

  • Designing delivery systems: concepts, examples and concerns
  • Introduction to in-vitro imaging and cell assays
  • The power of microscopy techniques in biomedical research: principles and challenges
  • Lab tours in a microscopy facility including hands-on experience
  • Gender balance in academia, current situation and future perspectives
  • ESR Meeting 2

More information about the Training Event 3 here.

4. Going in vivo, chemistry and cancer biology

Online event (September 29-30th, October 01st-02nd, 2020) 

  • Fighting Cancer – biomedical, social and economic aspects
  • Animal experiments – ethical and practical aspects
  • Designing in vivo models and choosing the right controls
  • In vivo imaging
  • How to communicate to and engage the public
  • ESR Meeting 3

More information about the Training Event 4  here.

5. Getting ready for the next career step

Online event  (March 9th and 15th-19th, 2021)Coincides with Network Meeting 3

  • Career opportunities in industry and interview simulations
  • Searching for post-doc and setting the path for academic careers
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship including managing strategies, IPs, financing and marketing
  • ESR Meeting 4