Kick-off Meeting – 31/05/2018

THERACAT Kick-Off Meeting was held at IBEC with the participation of all beneficiaries.



Please note that all documents and presentations uploaded herein are for personal use only and cannot be distributed to persons not participating in the project.

Agenda – THERACAT Kick-Off Meeting

How to get to IBEC

Meeting Minutes – THERACAT Kick-Off Meeting




1_IBEC_Kick-off meeting

2_TUE_Kick-off meeting

3_GRO_Kick-off meeting

4_BAS_Kick-off meeting

5_EDI_Kick-off meeting

6_TAU_Amir_Kick-off meeting

6_TAU_Satchi-Fainaro_Kick-off meeting

7_TEVA_Kick-off meeting

8_TAG_Kick-off meeting

9_BGX_Kick-off meeting